Pasadena Officer Continue To Employed Following Sex In Patrol Vehicle

Eyewitness News provides obtained the particular dashcam video clip that led to the suspension system of a Pasadena police officer. Official Jeff Mubarak was revoked for 1 month earlier this year following your department learned he had sex in his patrol car using a woman who was simply part of the person ride-along plan. The video attained by Eyewitness News beneath the Freedom of Information Act happened in August 2015. In the video clip, a young woman can be seen being placed in the traveling side regarding Officer Mubaraks police automobile. Within minutes, the girl with seen rubbing Officer Mubaraks shoulder. Shortly after that, these people embrace and kiss. RELATED: Pasadena officer accused of getting sex within patrol automobile Pasadena PD says this specific incident happened while Police officer Mubarak had been on duty. He and the ladies were parked in a private parking lot. After the recording grew to become known a few months later, he was placed on thirty days leave. Right now he is again on the job. I think the punishment is light, said Mary Nixon, a former Houston Police Officer who was dismissed from his job ten years prior for communicating out.