Technology Could Deliver Driverless 18-wheelers

Polk, FL -- Tampa has become a recent spot for the progress driverless automobile technology. Great, a Ca company is thinking larger. Much larger. In fact , in the event the Silicon Valley startup has their way, of which semitruck driving down the highway next to you could be on autopilot. That's a lot of belief in automaton for a motorist like Sharon Phillips, currently intimidated close to those huge 18 wheelers when the girl drives together Interstate 4. I feel like I am going to be blown from the highway, mentioned Phillips. Other drivers we spoke with agreed. I wouldnt sense safe from it, said Kenny Connolly. Type of sketchy, extra Joseph Wallace. I think anyone driving them is a lot better. The big-rig buzz comes on the heels of a just released a from the company developing the technology, known as Otto. It applies the same driverless technology weve almost all heard about these days to 18 wheelers. Cameras, sensors and software all to help guide as much as 80, 500 pound large rigs over the nations highways. Otto, say experts, would act like hands-free on a plane. A human car owner would nevertheless be needed for elaborate in-town moves. Kind of like takeoffs and landings. The automatic system, following the same if you happen to, takes over during the long extend between destinations. As long as the proven secure, I would sense pretty comfy, said vehicle driver Josh Hickerson. And, actually experts say the technology might actually reduce accidents caused by tiredness and individual error. A few trucking incidents happen because the drivers get to sleep. So that's not going to be a challenge anymore, mentioned Steve Raney with Joint Venture Silicon Valley. But most likely, Otto would also eliminate jobs. This is the last industry where a real guy can nourish his loved ones, said pickup truck driver Michal Powers when he left a fuel cease off I-4. And pickup trucks, say several drivers, arent always a threat. We save lots of people out there of which just get before us or they cut you off, said an additional big-rig owner leaving the same stop. The Otto product is expected to expense about $22.99, 000 and may be fitted to existing vehicles. If their development stays on schedule, it could be coming to a new highway near you in regarding seven yrs.