Delta Unveils Bag Tracking Technologies To Help Prevent Lost Baggage

Brett Hoffland

Updated: 05/01/2016 just one: 09 PM
Developed: 04/30/2016 8: 16 EVENING

Delta Atmosphere Lines is working to create lost baggage a thing of the past.

The company announced this week it has become the very first US provider to use a brand new program applying radio waves to better trail luggage. The company says the technologies will get your own bags to your final destination nearly 100 percent of that time period.

That#39; t the number one problem, #39; Will be my handbag underneath the airplane right now? I am hoping so , #39; said Philip Huggins of Atlanta.

It#39; s referred to as radio regularity identification. Your current luggage tag will look a similar, but quickly there will be a tiny chip within replacing standard barcode deciphering. With the 50 dollars million investment, new scanning devices throughout the checking process will track your own bags at more locations throughout your journey.

Then you know the bag is really on the airplane, said Terry Warner of Minneapolis.

Not only is the flight monitoring the particular status of the bags, nevertheless soon from your smartphone, Delta representatives say you will additionally be able to monitor step-by-step improvement of your luggage.

If you can actually keep track of it on your phone, certainly, said Mara Rozzano of Seattle.

Delta checks a hundred and twenty million bags every year. Authorities say preliminary testing along with RFID exhibits a 99. 9 % success rate. That#39; s in comparison to about 96 percent today. If the plan works as organized, that#39; s the difference between 6 mil lost luggage a year, and 6 , 000, 000 less head aches.

Any actions they can help to make to prevent that will probably be treasured, Huggins said.

Delta officials say the technologies will be from Minneapolis-St. John International Airport right at the end of the summer. The app will be available via Delta at some point toward the finish of this yr.