Car Enthusiasts Flock To Third Rise And Drive Event

CHICAGO -- Sunday marked the third year for the Rise and Drive event from Collectors' Car Garage.
"There's old guys, there's young guys, there's people carriages with kids... it's just a wonderful situation and we all love cars, " said Burt Richmond, co-owner of the new 60 thousand-square-foot Country Club for Car Owners, a place he says would be to store and admire.
From the Porsche 918, and the McLaren P1, there have been supped-up sport cars -- way north of a million bucks apiece.
"It's like Comic Con for cars, " said car enthusiast Nilo Ranger. "You get a whole variety many people having a good time. "
Private collectors showed up and showed off -- even for an excellent cause, like The Dream Squad.
"We have a fleet of superheroes and we take these cars out to hospital, orphanages, throughout and provide the kids with an experience with a superhero, " said The Dream Squad's Micky Khurshid. "If you're going to have nice cars,? you may as well take action good together. "
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