Test Out Your Current Events Knowledge Together With WDET's Apr Fools Day Quiz

If you listen to a lot of open public radio you probably are pretty up-to-date on current occasions. Test your information in our April Fools Time current activities quiz. All queries are TRUE or FALSE statements. Solutions can be found at thebottom.


1) Immediately, pro-choice plus pro-life promoters found center ground in addition to agreed on presidentialpolitics.

2) Recently the Countrywide Enquirer had written that Ted Cruz fathered the incredible bat-boy, and John Kasich was trapped on digicam in an alienautopsy.

3) Recently state Senator Virgil Smith said he would not resign from business office, but continue to collect a new paycheck forever while in prison for taking pictures at hisex-wife.

4) Immediately during early spring training Justin Verlander strike a home work while playing against the minor-league baseballteam.

5) Recently Governor Ron Snyder obtained the Dont Blame Myself, Im Only the Governor award from FortuneMagazine.

6) Recently a state legislator from Missouri chastised the woman fellow legislators for bad grammar simply by introducing an answer to stop saying physical whenever they really meantfiscal.

7) This week Apple gave into the FBIs demand that this company break into the San Bernardino shooters iPhone for theagency.

8) This week Michigan State golf ball star Denzel Valentine had been named the Associated Click Player in the Year. Even though, the AP announced the particular winner had been DenzelWashington.

9) This week Comerica Park introduced its fresh snacks for that ballpark this season, which includes deep-fried butter and also a hot dog having a hamburger crumbled on top ofit.


1) TRUE: Both equally sides came out emphatically against Trumps statement that if abortion had been illegal ladies who receive abortions should be punished bylaw.

2) FALSE: The valuable rag-mag states Ted Jones has had numerous affairs outside his relationship. Cruz refuses theclaim.

3) FALSE: Smith agreed to resign to avoid exclusion. He will vacate his seat in twoweeks.

4) FAKE: Justin Verlanders younger buddy, who takes on on a minor league staff, hit a home run off associated with his Cy-Young-winning olderbrother.

5) TRUE: Lot of money published a new the nineteen Most Unsatisfactory Leaders

6) TRUE: Agent Tracy McCreery says the mix-up happens every day in the Missouri House ofRepresentatives.

7) FAKE: An outside company figured out how to break into the iPhone for the FBI.

8) TRUE: The AP tweeted out there that Denzel Washington was the Player from the Year, that means DenzelValentine.

9) FALSE: Comerica didunveil deep-fried Oreos, in addition to hot puppies with macncheese ontop.