Man Who Trademarked PIN Technologies Has Never Manufactured A Penny From Idea Half A Century On

PIN technology can be used throughout the world

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Half of parents admit raiding their children's piggy financial institutions to make ends meet Ten years in the past he was called an OBE, and in 2014 was given a good honorary doctorate from the College of the West of Scotland. Mr Goodfellow, who life with wife of 50 many years Helen in Paisley, Renfrewshire, said: I had been left with this problem - the necessity was a , 000, 000 customers, a couple of, 000 machines scattered through the UK which often anyone can use at any time, and only money furnished to a recognised person. The standard view at the time was that it had been going to be biometrics - like your finger print - yet that was completely impractical for several reasons. The specific sort of eureka moment took place when I had been messing around plus suddenly realized that I may do it and it would probably fix the problem. Mr. Goodfellow said it was just part of their remit as a research and development industrial engineer to work within the technology and it also was seen as a successful job. I immediately went to work elsewhere and forgot about it, this individual added. Despite the fact that he received no monetary reward with regard to his innovation, he insists he has no grumbles and is also most proud of having been recognised by their local university or college as well as becoming inducted into a hall of fame at Harvard University in America.