Arts on Sunday to feature exhibits, bands and mored

About eight years ago, a cheeky arts organization popped up on a Sunday afternoon in the Downtown Arts District with about four vendors selling original arts and crafts. Calling itself Art for Art's Sake -- AFAS for short -- the organizing group quickly established itself as a vital part of the district with its Arts on Sunday exhibitions, sales and musical entertainment.

AFAS now has 316 registered members.

Circuit Court Overturns Immunity For Law Enforcement Officials Who Sent An ...

An innocent man, who had 22 years of his life taken away by deceitful police officers and prosecutors, has just received a gift from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which has stripped the defendants of their immunity. Everything about the case is appalling -- from the murders themselves to the behavior of law enforcement.

Arts advocate says the arts are a linchpin of urban development

Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts, has more
than 38 years of experience in the arts industry more than can fit into any one talk or
Tom Katzenmeyr, president of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, will guide a conversation
with Lynch at 7 pm tonight (Wednesday April 30) at the Cultural Arts Center, 139 W. Main St.
Lynch, 64, also will take part in a discussion at noon Thursday (May 1) in the centers
weekly Conversations amp; Coffee series.

Arts Advocacy Wave Hits Washington

Its nearly impossible to have a conversation about the federal budget these days without the words deficit, debt, or reduction entering into the mix. In the times we live in, a willingness to cut funding is sometimes deemed courageous or bold, and success is measured by how much someone is willing to take away.

Three recognized in Mayor's award for the arts

Two artists and a downtown building have been recognized for their contribution to arts and culture in Sioux Falls.The Sioux Falls Mayor's Awards for the Arts Individual Excellence Award went to Jerry Fogg, a mixed-media, pencil and ink, and acrylic and watercolor tribal artist.He is also the lead vocalist for the contemporary rock band Native Soul and a Sioux Falls business owner.

With budget balanced, California should cut into credit card debt

Any struggling family knows that first you put food on the table, make sure theres a roof overhead and lay in some daily essentials. Only then can you realistically think about paying down the credit card.
True, you shouldnt have run wild with the card in the first place. But thats past. Now, you create a repayment plan and muster some discipline.
Thats where Sacramento sits currently with its daunting credit card debt.

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Target credit monitoring not enough, experts say

It was the data breach that shook the retail world. When Target Corp. announced in December that 110 million of its customers payment and personal records had been breached, the news was unsettling both because Target is such an iconic brand and because the breach was so invasive.
Target really demonstrated there are now three certainties in life: death, taxes and breaches, said Adam Levin, chairman of Identity Theft 911, a company that provides identity-theft recovery and other services.

Booms and busts: Examining the recent draft trends of Oklahoma Sooner players

Sporting idols are rare, and getting to witness their greatness is a special opportunity for all who know such a player. When discussing the recent draft history of Oklahoma players, one running back for Minnesota comes to mind. That, of course, is Adrian Petersonunquestionably the best running back currently in the NFL.article source


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